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Cat Scratch Protector™

Size (4pcs)
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Protect your luxurious furniture from cat scratching habit with Cat Scratch Protector™

✔️ No Residue

It’s incredibly designed with the user in mind, which can be removed easily without leaving any visible marks or residue.

✔️ Transparent Look 

Never compromise on your furniture look while protecting it from your pets, especially cat paws and scratches

✔️ Peace of Mind 

Its incredible design gives    you peace of mind, so you don’t fear anymore that your pet will ruin your precious furniture

✔️ Pet-Friendly 
It’s made of 100% pet-friendly material, keeping your pet safe even though they tried to play or scratch it
✔️ Strong Design 
Its sturdiest design provides a strong barrier between your cat claws and furniture, meant to protect against sharp nails
✔️ Train Your Pet 

It gives you the freedom to install on your furniture where your cat scratches the most that let you train them

✔️ Easy to Apply 

Peel the sticking sheet, stick on furniture, cut to size if necessary, then secure with the pins (if necessary)

✔️ Product Material

We take pride in introducing the finest quality scratch protector made of vinyl material, making it durable

✔️ Flexible Sheet

The adhesive sheet to be attached to the surface of the material is flexible enough

✔️ Dual Style

It comes in two styles, one for leather furniture with sticking feature and the other for fabric furniture with nails fixing

✔️ Product Specs

This thick protective sheet comes 4-pack in 2 different sizes, allowing you to choose according to your requirement

✔️ Reusable Design
Its strong adhesive feature gives you the freedom to remove and install on any new location spotted by your cat


30 day guarantee